Nowadays, gadgets are everywhere you look and every respectable girl must one at least a few gadgets of her own. Some gadget girls prefer phones, others go for I pods and I pads and others just love all gadgets. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rock fan or a true computer wizard, you’re more than entitled to be a gadget girl and surround yourself with huge headsets or earbuds, remote controls, tablets, several android phones and a few other electronic gadgets. Still, a gadget girl’s life is not all about the gadgets, girls! These gadget girls get makeovers, go shopping and they also love dressing up and looking nice every day. The hardest thing is to match all the gadgets you have with your outfits and finding a way to look cool while you have different wires hanging out of your ears. Have fun giving our gadget girl a makeover and try to get her to put down her phone for a minute or two and then enjoy all her electronic gadgets yourself, girls!




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